Hendersons End Fell Race Results and Write-up

Lindsey Brindle and Suzanne Budgett at Hendersons End 2nd June 2016 Lindsey Brindle and Gary Priestley at Hendersons End 2nd June 2016 Lindsey Brindle and John Parker at Hendersons End 2nd June 2016

Pictures courtesy of David Barnes Horwich RMI showing from left to right,

picture 1 – Lindsey Brindle and the 2nd lady Suzanne Budget  Horwich RMI,

picture 2 – Lindsey Brindle and the race winner Gary Priestley Salford Harriers,

picture 3 – Lindsey Brindle and the V70 winner John Parker Horwich RMI,


Hendersons End Fell Race – Thursday 2nd June 2016.

Great weather for a great race.

There was a good turnout of runners in Half-Term week when i expected alot of runners would be on holiday with family. However, 94 runners entered Hendersons End fell race (which is about the average turnout) to run a tough course that starts at the upper barn at Rivington and climbs to the Pike, 2 Lads and the Trig Point before returning back almost the same way to finish back at the barn. This course is approx. 6.8 miles with 1200 ft of ascent and is a good testing run. The race was again sponsored by inov8 who provided the main prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd male and female of a pair of inov8 shoes, Race Ultra Vest and cap and several pairs of quality running socks. All proceeds for the race are donated to Bolton Mountain Rescue who provide safety cover for the race.
The weather was almost perfect with little if any rain over the last few weeks, the ground was dry underfoot making for a fast course and potential for breaking the course record of 44:59. Last years winner Salford Harrier Gary Priestley was on the front row again this year and led from the start to win in 45 minutes – 1 second behind the course record. Second was Nick Leigh from Horwich and 3rd Phil Marsden from Bolton United Harriers. Local lady Suzanne Budgett from Horwich was 2nd lady back wining herself a much appreciated inov8 Race Ultra Vest. All prizes were presented by Horwich runner Lyndsey Brindle.
There were 3 retirements including 1 Chorlton runner who had retired after descending the Pike on the outward section with the sole of his shoe hanging off – should have gone to inov8.
This race is a great advertisement for midweek summer evening fell running, a great atmosphere as usual and very informal, even get a few road runners.
Could it be 3 wins on the trot next year for Gary?

Many thanks to
Bolton Mountain Rescue for providing safety cover for the race,
inov8 for sponsoring the event for the 2nd year and donating the main prizes of running shoes, Race Ulta Vests, running socks and caps.
all the marshals that helped on the night and
Lyndsey Brindle for kindly presenting the prizes.
Full results
1 45:00 Gary Priestley Salford Harriers
2 46:12 Nick Leigh Horwich
3 46:35 Phil Marsden Bolton UH
4 47:14 Joe Mercer Horwich
5 47:44 David Jackson Horwich
6 48:09 Alister Murray Horwich
7 51:54 Jon Green Preston Harriers
8 52:17 John Morrissey Achille Ratti
9 52:21 Matt Dunn Holcombe Harriers
10 52:51 Dominic Raby Chorley Athletic
11 52:54 Andy Ford Horwich
12 53:13 James Simon Red Rose
13 54:10 Rob Green Achille Ratti
14 54:49 Richard Biers Cheshire Hill Racers
15 55:05 Ben Heywood Bury
16 55:17 Joshua Crowther Blackburn Road Runners
17 55:26 Ben Donoghue Red Rose
18 56:31 Simon Ford Astley & Tyldesley
19 56:52 Tim Boland Holcombe Harriers
20 56:59 Colin gregory Lostock AC
21 57:03 Michael Coppelov Newburgh Nomads
22 57:12 Carl Byrne Holcombe Harriers
23 57:26 Stuart Roberts U/A
24 57:35 Graham Lund Bowland
25 57:46 Paul Freeman U/A
26 57:55 James Rideout Bolton UH
27 58:11 Paul Griffiths Formula One Circuit Crew
28 58:38 Martin Pennington U/A
29 58:52 Roy Halliday Bolton TRI
30 58:58 Doug Fleming Horwich RMI
31 59:00 Ali Keates FRA
32 59:12 Richard Bolton Pennine
33 59:54 Albert Sunter Horwich RMI
34 60:03 Mark Coffey U/A
35 60:18 Warren Moorfield Wigan Harriers
36 60:58 Les Smalley Bury AC
37 61:32 Barry Wheeler Red Rose
38 62:10 David Ralphs Newburgh Nomads
39 62:15 Paul Boardman U/A
40 62:58 James Jackson Lostock AC
41 63:12 Mark McCrea Red Rose
42 63:14 Brian Davey Southport Waterloo AC
43 63:28 Steve White Holcombe Harriers
44 63:34 Greg Webster Holcombe Harriers
45 63:40 Paul Whittle Newburgh Nomads
46 63:51 Darrell Wilde U/A
47 63:54 Suzanne Budgett Horwich RMI
48 64:36 Gary Corcoran Red Rose
49 64:49 Andy Quickfall Newburgh Nomads
50 64:58 Andrew Ernill Ernills Bakers
51 65:27 Gareth Bell Red Rose
52 65:33 Gary Jones Bolton UH
53 65:38 David Barnes Horwich RMI
54 65:47 Adam Lowe Lostock AC
55 65:58 Jim Maxfield Newburgh Nomads
56 66:40 Kevin Edwards Wigan Harriers
57 66:50 AndrewHowarth Clayto-Le-Moors
58 66:53 Bridget Collier Parbold Pink Panthers
59 67:04 Arthur Warren FRA
60 67:10 Bryan Searby Blackburn Harriers
61 67:36 Mark Culshaw Newburgh Nomads
62 68:06 Emma Plant Red Rose
63 68:11 Calvin Ferguson Calder Valley
64 68:27 Karen Schofield Wigan Harriers
65 68:48 Fred Duenbier Newburgh Nomads
66 69:01 Robert Cosgrove Southport Waterloo
67 69:18 Stuart Hatton Lostock AC
68 70:24 Peter Bolton Red Rose
69 71:18 Rebecca Day U/A
70 71:34 Nikki Roberts U/A
71 72:40 Chris Beesley Settle Harriers
72 72:24 Marjorie Leigh Leigh Harriers
73 74:48 Nigel Blandford U/A
74 75:07 Gary Taylor Darwen Dashers
75 75:24 John Parker Horwich RMI
76 75:24 Lynn Melvin Red Rose
77 75:39 Michele Sunter Horwich RMI
78 76:46 Alan Sweatman Chorley
79 76:50 Bernard Mitchell Red Rose
80 77:12 Chris Clarke U/A
81 77:42 Paula Plowman Red Rose Road Runners
82 77:57 Graham Schofield Chorley
83 78:15 Brian Kennedy Newburgh Nomads
84 79:39 Matt Cochrane Newburgh Nomads
85 80:03 Harry Farren Rossendale
86 80:41 Jim Mitchinson U/A
87 82:26 Graham Roberts Red Rose
88 82:31 Cathy Stratten U/A
89 92:50 Tony Varley Horwich
90 98:57 Jenny Fairclough Red Rose
91 98:57 Sue Austin Red Rose

3 runners retired.

Main Prizes donated by inov8
1st Gary Priestley Salford Harriers won a pair of inov8 running shoes
2nd Nick Leigh Horwich won a Race Ultra Vest
3rd Phil Marsden Bolton United Harriers won a selction of running socks and running cap

Female – prozes as above
1st Ali Keates FRA
2nd Suzanne Budgett Horwich
3rd Bridget Collier Parbold Pink Panthers

V40 David Jackson Horwich
V50 Richard Briers Cheshire Hill Racers
V60 Jim Maxfield Newburgh Nomads
V70 John Parker Horwich

F35 Rebecca Day U/A
F45 Paula Plowman Red Rose
F55 Lynn Melvin Red Rose
F65 Marjorie Leigh Leigh Harriers


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