I was looking forward to this race. I ran it last year and it’s safe to say it got the better of me, so I was hoping to get my revenge.

The conditions were ok, despite the drizzle, the going underfoot was excellent on what is predominantly a trail course, despite it being billed as a mid-week fell. The course has plenty twists and turn, stiles to contend with, and a sneaky little uphill at the end. Certainly a bit more technical than your average road race, much more fun too.

After running down to the start of the race Shutters V50 did his usual pet-talk, putting thoughts in my head of me being the first Lostocker to cross the finish line, we’ll see. Once the starter set us off my aim was to keep my eye on the seasoned fell runners Checkers, Mike and Shutters, and to make sure I don’t lose them in the crowd.

By the end of the first mile I’d smuggled my way to the front of the Lostock pack, now let’s see if I can stay here. I’ve been running well recently but mainly on roads, I’ve been leaving the hills and trails for fun, not much for racing. Getting up to miles 3 and 4 I was still confidently going past other runners, managing to maintain a good pace. The hills that showed me whose boss last year didn’t seem as intimidating as they did 12 months ago, instead of bothering if fellow Lostockers were closing me down, I was more intent on catching those in front.

I was still fresh on the final section as we passed the old windmill, I put a good finish in to try and beat the chap in front, but the course wasn’t quite long enough, another 10 meters I’d have had him. But I’d made good ground on a Chorlton runner who I’d been with for the last couple of miles.

It’s safe to say I put my demons to rest with this race. Not only did I finish 1st for Lostock, but I knocked a good 8 minutes off my time from last year. That’s a good result in my eyes. Well done to all Lostockers who came out for the race, great turn out, and a special mention to Vikki Goodyear who won a prize for simply turning up. J

Roll on Two Lads.

56 189 Paul O’brien M Lostock 42.19
64 48 Mark Shuttleworth M45 Lostock 43.02
78 196 Mike Ernill M45 Lostock 44.02
83 54 Mark Checkley M50 Lostock 44.45
102 166 Tom Sockett M Lostock 46.21
108 173 Brian Halton M55 Lostock 46.58
118 117 Sally McCoy L50 Lostock 47.50
126 153 Matt Withers M40 Lostock 48.40
133 174 Ian Johnson M50 Lostock 50.00
165 141 Rob Garstang M Lostock 53.57
177 192 Jen Tomlinson L Lostock 55.19
182 177 David Wilcock M55 Lostock 55.57
192 127 Vikki Goodyear L45 Lostock 57.47
193 151 Gwen Franklin L50 Lostock 57.59



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