The 2018 club calendar containing the road, fell, xc championships and club events are here —>2018 Lostock final



Club championship races and qualifying criteria for each discipline is as follows:


Su 5th Feb: Blackburn Winter warmer 10k

Su 5th Mar: Trotters 5

Su 2nd Apr: Darwen Half Marathon (Long)

We 29 Mar, We 5th Apr, We 12th Apr: Curleys 5k
Three very local races, only your best one will count toward the championship

Su 23rd Apr: Bolton 10k

We 24th May: Harrock Hill

Sa 10th Jun: Bolton Hill Marathon (Long)

Su 17th Sept? date still TBC: Lancaster Castle Half Marathon (Long)

Su 5th Nov: Thro the Villages

6 races to count including one long race

Jubilee Series races, only one of these to count towards the main championship this year, although we will still have the usual Jubilee series mini championship

We 17th May: 1st Jubilee

We 21st Jun: 2nd Jubilee

We 19th Jul: 3rd Jubilee

We 16th Aug: 4th Jubilee


Main fell championship

Any 5 races to qualify

Windy Hill Sun 12th Feb

Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round Sat 4th Mar

Great Hambledon Sun 7th May

Wincle Sat 3rd June

Turnslack Sat 29th July

Thievley Pike Sat 30th Sept

Shep Skyline Sat 4th Nov

Tour of Pendle Sat 18th Nov

Midweek Series

2 of 3 to qualify

Harrock Hill, Wed 24th May

Two Lads, Thurs 8th June

Bull Hill, Thurs 13th July

Lakeland Classics

2 of 3 to qualify

Anniversary Waltz, Sat 22nd April

Fairfield Horseshoe, Sat 13th July

Grisedale Horseshoe, Sat 2nd September


This year, the aim is to encourage as much multi sport participation as possible with the various champions decided by participation in a number of races, rather than specific named races. Essentially any Tri or duathlon can go towards the championships. Here is a list of suggested races that Lostockers might want to enter. We expect two races to be well supported by members, they are the Horwich Tri and the Holcombe Mountain Trial Duathlon
Decathlon Duathlon 09/04
UK Fire Fighters 2UP Duathlon 19/03
Ian Hesketh Memorial Duathlon 27/05 – a good local event suitable for a first go at duathlon.
Holcombe Mountain Trial Duathlon 24/09
Sprint/pool events
Ulverston Pool Triathlon 02/04
Clitheroe Triathlon 16/04
Ribby Hall Triathlon 23/04
Horwich Triathlon 30/04
St Anne’s Triathlon (good course with closed roads) 21/05
Southport Sprint 21/05
Fleetwood Triathlon 10/09
Olympic distance
Deva (Chester) 04/06
Salford 30/07
Wake Board Open Water Triathlon (Blackpool) 08/10
Middle distance (half Ironman)
Deva (Chester) 04/06
Cholomdeley Castle 25/06
Sundowner 16/09
Long distance/Ironman
Lakesman 18/06
Ironman UK 16/07
Ironman Wales 03/09
The Castle Triathlon series at Cholomdeley Castle has a range of triathlons from super sprint suitable for beginners, up to Olympic and Middle distance races, over the weekend of 24th & 25th June
Also, the World Triathlon Series is again coming to Leeds over the weekend of 10th and 11th June – a unique chance to race the route that the Brownlee’s et al will be racing on the Sunday.


The events calendar has been finalised and the championships for all disciplines can now be revealed. A spreadsheet with all our club events for 2016 can be downloaded here


There will be 8 club triathlon events, 4 of them will be used as counters for the triathlon championship. There will be awards for the best male and female in duathlon, olympic and half Ironman disciplines. No triathlete can win more than one discipline.

The 4 counters are:

10th April, Decathlon Duathlon

1st May, Horwich Tri

12th June, Chester Tri

3rd September, Sundowner Tri

The remaining Lostock club triathlons are:

20th March, Two up Duathlon

22nd May, Southport Tri

17th July, Steelman Tri

25th September, Wasdale Tri


As of last year there will be 3 fell competitions and an overall Championship prize.

The main fell championship consists of 9 races, 8 of which are weekend races, the other race is an early season midweek race that, given adverse weather conditions, might not be suitable for novices. To qualify you will have to run at least 5 of these, your 5 best results will count. Some fell racing experience and mandatory race kit is usually needed to compete in these races.

The Lakes championship now has 4 races, 1 more than in previous years. You will need to do at least 2 from 4 and your best 2 results will qualify. These races are suitable for the experienced fell runner, adverse weather is common in the Lakes and conditions can change quickly. You might be required to navigate in poor conditions.

The midweek championship is more beginner friendly, it consists of 3 local Summer races and is designed to introduce novice fell runners to fell racing. Your best 2 from 3 results will be used as counters.

The overall fell champion will have to qualify for both Main and Lakes championships to qualify.

Races are listed with classification, distance and total ascent.

Main Fell: 

30th January, Hoofstones: BM 8 miles/1400ft

27th February, High Cup Nick: BM 9.3 miles/1500ft

29th March, Liver Hill: BS 5 miles/800ft

14th May, Last Drop Loop: BS 5.7 miles/800ft

28th May, Hutton Roof: BM 7 miles/1300ft

18th June, Buckden Pike: AS 3.7 miles/1600ft

2nd July, Heptonstall Festival: AS 5.9 miles/1500ft

5th November, Shepherds Skyline: BS 6.2 miles/1150ft

19th November, Tour Of Pendle: AL 16.8 miles/4800ft


16th April, Anniversary Waltz: AM 11.5 miles/3600ft

11th June, Howtown: AL 13.3 miles/4600ft

17th July, Kentmere Horseshoe: AM 12.3 miles/3300ft

17th September, Three Shires: AL 12.4 miles/4000ft


25th May, Harrock Hill: BS 5.2 miles/900ft

9th June, Two Lads: 5.2 miles/900ft

14th July, Bull Hill: 5.5 miles/1100ft

Harrock Hill could be described as a trail race but is classified as a fell race, it is also appearing in the road championship, this is designed to encourage some roadies that might not usually do any fell racing to have a go at the midweek fell races.


There are 15 races in the road championship, they consist of the 4 races in the Jubilee series, the Harrock Hill midweek race and 10 weekend races. You will need to do 6 races to qualify. 1 of your 6 races must include at least 1 of the 3 long races. If you include Jubilee races to qualify for the main championships then you can only use 2 of the 4.


9th January: Worsley Parkrun

13th February: Parbold Hill

19th March: Coniston (14 miles, Long)

3rd April: Darwen half (Long)

24th April: Bolton 10k

25th May: Harrock Hill

24th September: Ron Hill 5k

16th October: Gin Pit

30th October: St Helens 5

12th November: Heaton Park Parkrun

4th December: Stockport 10 (Long)

Jubilee Series:

18th May

15th June

20th July

17th August